Continuous Loader

The continuous loader system is designed to manage ceiling restrictions, overhead cranes, and large shot weights effectively. The system is engineered to facilitate the seamless transfer of materials from the hopper to the continuous loader, which is positioned above the mould.

Direct to Mold

The ROTOLOAD™ system is a tool that helps to dispense powder accurately and efficiently, making it easier to fill moulds with materials automatically. The retractable telescopic dispense tube assembly is designed to fill moulds at different heights on the arm, simplifying the process for operators. By using the ROTOLOAD™ device and the retractable telescopic dispense tube assembly, businesses can streamline their moulding process, increase efficiency, and reduce errors. It is a valuable tool for companies looking to optimize their manufacturing processes.

Bucket System

The ROTOLOAD™ Bucket System is a floor-mounted device equipped with a pneumatic lid assembly that effectively prevents pluming. The system can accurately dispense the desired weight and colour of powder through the use of an RFID tag or bar code located on the bucket. This feature enables the system to swiftly identify and dispense the appropriate powder variant as per the user's requirements.

Mixing Process

The ROTOLOAD™ system can be installed above mixers, thereby ensuring precise measurement of the dispensed powder. This innovative technology is an ideal solution for businesses that require high levels of precision in their mixing processes. With its reliable and efficient performance, the ROTOLOAD™ system is a valuable addition to any manufacturing operation seeking to optimize its powder dispensing processes.

different configurations

what you get


It features our stand-alone, self-contained hopper, complete with an integral vacuum loader and filter system.   Must be positioned in relative proximity to the powder source (typically a gaylord or day bin).

Integral Filling rate Up to 20 lbs/min (app. 1,000 lbs/hr) 10 kg/min (app 500 kgs/hr)


Utilizes a floor-mounted vacuum pump and filter capable of operating up to six (6) separate ROTOLOAD™ systems and provides enough power to feed each unit from a much greater distance, such as your powder room or silo.

Central Filling Rate Up to 80 lbs/min (app. 5,000 lbs/hr) 38 kg/min (app 2,300 kgs/hr)